A Little Self-Promotion

I’ve created a Facebook page for my ‘official author’ presence. If you’re interested, swing by, take a look, and maybe give it a ‘Like.’ I’ll use it to post regular updates as I have pieces published (of course I’ll still post stuff here). Thanks for following and for looking!

Rob Salem on Facebook

3 thoughts on “A Little Self-Promotion

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  1. It’s good to promote yourself…being visible is good, although I believe some ppl on social networking sites are turned off by those trying to sell their products. This is not to discourage you. Everyone has a right to market themselves.

    I dont know if being on WP has been lucrative for those wanting to sell their art. I am contacts with one artist and one photographer who promote their work but I’d be afraid to ask them if they have sold anything.

    I would befriend you on FB, but sorry I dont accept solicitors.

    1. lol, ok. I wasn’t asking anyone to ‘befriend’ me on Facebook. It’s an author’s page, nothing more. You can’t ‘friend’ it, only ‘like’ it. If people do, great. If not, that’s ok too. It’s just part of the process of trying to go from WordPress hack lost in a sea of a thousand names to something a little more concrete, more solid, more professional. I’m not selling anything… yet. I have one poem in a book and one short story in a magazine, both of which I have been compensated for, but neither of which I will receive any further returns on, save maybe a little bit of renown for my work. Eventually I plan to release a couple books or so, and I am working at being published elsewhere, in print and online, in ‘legitimate’ markets.

      To each their own.

  2. Aww, I’m sorry if I misunderstood. I am still confused on how FB works. Sometimes I am shocked at the freedoms for others that I have no control over which is why I am skeptical of that site. The other day someone “joined” me into a group without my permission.

    It’s terrific that you have created this FB page — for the reasons you state — to create a professional idenitity for yourself.

    Best of luck on your books. I definitely want to know the titles.


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