The Last

There was no end in the beginning,
there was no forever, no always.
There was only the moment,
eternal and pure, perfect and sacred.
There was no distance too great between us,
nor hours that could not be counted;
there was nothing but what we shared,
no fear of what could be.
And now the miles that separate
have turned the hours into months,
and the distance ever widens
turning forever into yesterday.
There was no end in the beginning,
no thought of what would be;
there was only hope and promise,
and there was only you and me.
But now, at the last,
I see the end that we created,
in its eventuality,
and I wish that we could stall it
for one more moment in eternity.

5 thoughts on “The Last

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  1. How can love fade…if it is love it doesnt…and continues to climb through the winds of time, like a foundation true, through fog and fire, seas and storms….

    Love is savagely powerful and refuses to be destroyed by the elements of distance, disease, denials, or disruptions.

    We often are guilty of breaking it down through barrenness, barriers, behaviors wrong, but those who truly cherish never can extinguish the good sentiment that lies deep within their heart for another.

    This poem is amazingly and sentimentally evocative…and sprung tears to my eyes…

    My admiration of your pen continues ~

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