A Sonnet

If I am to be what I cannot be,
and only play the role that I am asked,
then I would rather that I be not seen,
and allow this moment instead to pass.
But in the stars in the jeweled heavens,
and in the sun and moon that never meet,
I have found company in my treason,
and silent vigil o’er my heart they keep.
Though would I not rather embrace the moon!
And there in her light whilst defying Fate,
as when an August evening wove its rune,
I’d kindle passion and its yearnings sate;
But I am to be nothing more than this –
a sun in shadow, who longs for your kiss.

My first attempt at a Shakespearean/Elizabethan style (or any style) sonnet. Just thought I’d explore some traditional forms of poetry a little.

6 thoughts on “A Sonnet

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  1. Beautiful! I love your writing – it is so drippy and full of angst in a dark passion that feels warm like a romantic warm wind surrounding a cool stone at waters edge.

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