This moment, the mood –
maker of storms
Earth-gift only
answers the call
Peace in the power
passion unleashed
The monster unmasked
the moment unleashed
War here is woken
woven in fury
feeding the fire
fueled by blood
Wrath out of ruin
enrages the heavens
ripples the water
the rim of the sky
Driven the dawn by
darkness unfolding
to hide in a heartbeat
hanging in stone
Still now the storm clouds
stricken and empty
burning and barren
broken by day

3 thoughts on “Cycles

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  1. There is something beautiful, yet driving, in the meter you have here. If you read it quickly, it’s like the intense beating of drums.

    Also, the raw visual content and imagery is astounding. This is outstanding.

    1. Thanks. The meter is what is called ‘Eddic’ or ‘Eddaic,’ an Old Norse (Viking) poetic form. It’s really natural to me, and for this piece helped convey the urgency of the words.

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