Held the tongue,stifled the words,kept in confidence,close at heart,that else wouldhave wroughtan unleashing of awrathful fire ofintolerance.  Some things are best left unsaid.


This urge:     spontaneous     yet ingrained     in my soul - This need:     like fire     consuming     and painful,     undying - This longing:     bittersweet,     unfulfilled     in moments of     unseeming perfection - This void:     empty     and holding     nothing     yet everything     I have to give,     unrealized,      unborn,      waiting      for me to play God.

Paradise Lost

What is Eternal -the source of referralThe point of endless no returnsWaxing and waning tides of CreationRift between Parent and ChildForever abyssal Tomorrow is waking -embrace the breakingOutline forever with time in handRecall the making -creator shapingNothing makes NothingNo-thing makes all Tomorrow never comes The Void so sacred -no room for hatredThe Vision’s worth much more than wordsRealms... Continue Reading →

The Space Between

In the space between breaths,where living and dying meet,there caught and held captivein the moment betweenthese moments shared -eternal, agonizing,seemingly unending - exists only the aspect of usthat lingers with thelast of my longing.


Rapture. 1. The agony of you, so sweet, so pure. 2. Bathed in twilight’s fire, clothed in blood and night, your reign of vengeance stirs me, kindles dying flames. 3. I am drunk on your beauty! As a sweet wine unto my soul is your love, so vicious, forbidden. 4. And yet I dwell in you and shall abide... Continue Reading →


This moment, the mood -maker of stormsEarth-gift onlyanswers the callPeace in the powerpassion unleashedThe monster unmaskedthe moment unleashedWar here is wokenwoven in furyfeeding the firefueled by bloodWrath out of ruinenrages the heavensripples the waterthe rim of the skyDriven the dawn bydarkness unfoldingto hide in a heartbeathanging in stoneStill now the storm cloudsstricken and emptyburning and... Continue Reading →

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