This urge:
     yet ingrained
     in my soul –
This need:
     like fire
     and painful,
     undying –
This longing:
     in moments of
     unseeming perfection –
This void:
     and holding
     yet everything
     I have to give,
      for me
to play God.

Paradise Lost

What is Eternal –
the source of referral
The point of endless no returns
Waxing and waning tides of Creation
Rift between Parent and Child
Forever abyssal
Tomorrow is waking –
embrace the breaking
Outline forever with time in hand
Recall the making –
creator shaping
Nothing makes Nothing
No-thing makes all
Tomorrow never comes
The Void so sacred –
no room for hatred
The Vision’s worth much more than words
Realms interlacing
forever embracing
The lost pieces joining
The All becomes One
Forever is only a day away
Washed away
Washed away
Washed away
With the dawn
Labor of Love
Decayed by the Fall
Lost to time
One day becomes All
My paradise lost


1. The agony of you, so sweet, so pure.
2. Bathed in twilight’s fire, clothed in blood and night, your reign of vengeance stirs me, kindles dying flames.
3. I am drunk on your beauty! As a sweet wine unto my soul is your love, so vicious, forbidden.
4. And yet I dwell in you and shall abide in your wrathful love forever.


This moment, the mood –
maker of storms
Earth-gift only
answers the call
Peace in the power
passion unleashed
The monster unmasked
the moment unleashed
War here is woken
woven in fury
feeding the fire
fueled by blood
Wrath out of ruin
enrages the heavens
ripples the water
the rim of the sky
Driven the dawn by
darkness unfolding
to hide in a heartbeat
hanging in stone
Still now the storm clouds
stricken and empty
burning and barren
broken by day