Once alive,
then at rest,
breathing now.
A time on fire,
then locked in ice,
song and thunder
raising the dead.
Haunting melodies
herald coming storm;
patterns unfolding
unravel moments,
wake a season lost.
Ghosts that linger,
flicker then fade,
come back to life
when dancers sway.
Softly now,
walk the paths
of the dead.


Falling leaves, fading pages,
forgotten dreams lost to the ages.
Roads once travelled, rivers once sailed,
ravens now those journeys hail.
Once I was young, a world to see;
where now the days that once set me free?
Searching again, seeking my grail
in song of the ravens, forgotten and frail.
Gone is the sun, glory days past,
given to fate, not meant to last.
Flames are dimming, fires are dying,
but for the ravens with me always flying.

Memory lane may often hold fond treasures, but it isn’t always easy to travel.