Once alive,then at rest,breathing now. A time on fire,then locked in ice,song and thunderraising the dead. Haunting melodiesherald coming storm;patterns unfoldingunravel moments,wake a season lost. Ghosts that linger,flicker then fade,come back to lifewhen dancers sway. Softly now,walk the pathsof the dead.

Winter of Discontent

This isn't darkness,this shroud about me -'tis Winter's gripchoking the light.This isn't sorrow,this weight upon me -'tis grief unspoken,echoed in night.This isn't empty,this void of being -'tis hollow clay,sheltering wights.  

For A Muse of Fire…

When words falter, fail and fade,so too, the strings and fingers,the voice and ear,the pen and paper, ink and clay.All for a lost musewhose fire has gone coldand left me here alonewith nothing left to say, play, or create. Some days being god is easier than others.


Falling leaves, fading pages,forgotten dreams lost to the ages.Roads once travelled, rivers once sailed,ravens now those journeys hail.Once I was young, a world to see;where now the days that once set me free?Searching again, seeking my grailin song of the ravens, forgotten and frail.Gone is the sun, glory days past,given to fate, not meant to last.Flames... Continue Reading →

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