The Finer Things

A wisp of smoke, a sip of wine,
 a wheel turns, the clock unwinds.
For a moment the mind’s eye lives,
vices invoke and vices forgive.

In recent years I have begun to enjoy and really appreciate some of the ‘finer’ things in life – good cigars, good wine, good whiskey, good beer. I don’t know if it’s me moving into my ‘maturity’ (I say that very lightly) or if it’s simply the company I keep; I sure it’s a combination of these things, especially since my circle of friends hasn’t changed much in recent years. I suppose that there are some people who pursue these kinds of tastes as a measure of status, but I can honestly say that I enjoy them for what they are. I do like to think about enjoying a good cigar and glass of wine in a Victorian era sitting room while perusing a forgotten tome or engaging in deep conversation with peers. I’ve also taken to enjoying such things as part of my creative process. They’re relaxing and allow me to soft focus on life. Through the haze I find clarity.

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