Beyond the Wall of Sleep

I have often wondered if the majority of mankind ever pause to reflect upon the occasionally titanic significance of dreams, and of the obscure world to which they belong. Whilst the greater number of our nocturnal visions are perhaps no more than faint and fantastic reflections of our waking experiences- Freud to the contrary with... Continue Reading →

RIP, Brother

Quiet hast thou gone, friend, to thy eternal rest.Thy working tools are silent now, after a life of labor and test.Beneath the valley's silent clods may you finally take your ease,before the Great White Throne may you be granted peace.Unspotted is the apron laid upon thy final bed,go now, into the joys of the Lord,... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair

How callous 'twould be if there were not pain in this moment of longing. But nay! No longing such as that of string and fret beneath mine hand have I known since before this night. And such a night! In the depth of winter the heavens cry and poureth forth their tears in joyous wonder at a... Continue Reading →

ZPAW Short

Oh my god that reeks! Molly thought as she slowly pushed the door ajar. Judging by the noxious blast of air that hit when she began pushing against the heavy metal door she assumed that the room had been pretty well sealed. There was definitely something pushed up against the other side of the door,... Continue Reading →

The Finer Things

A wisp of smoke, a sip of wine, a wheel turns, the clock unwinds.For a moment the mind's eye lives,vices invoke and vices forgive. In recent years I have begun to enjoy and really appreciate some of the 'finer' things in life - good cigars, good wine, good whiskey, good beer. I don't know if it's me moving into... Continue Reading →

The Grey

There is, I think, a certain peace to be found in a cold, rainy winter's day. Winter's burden borne by water,calm and cold it carries peace.Grim and grey the grip of winter,'neath another night's release.Flame now flickers, flares and flashes,settles and softens then soothes the day;A world awakened by winter's waningmust slumber still, waiting for sun's rays.

To Be… Or Not.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.And in strange aeons even death can die.  Immortality or oblivion? Are the two mutually exclusive polarities that cannot coexist, or are they like two sides of the same coin, united by defining each other? I'm probably gonna lose sleep on this one...

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