Just Passing Through

We dance in shadow and light,
and we are but shades
defined between them,
endlessly turning
as time passes around us,
between and earth and sky
that will never meet;
and in the shape of light
is found a glimpse of forever,
though it too is fleeting,
naught but another reminder
of all that the dark is not.

Identity Crisis

I forget myself sometimes,
what I am and what I am not;
but I never forget that I AM,
nor that I am not.
If was to be what I thought,
then maybe what is would not be,
and what is not would not hurt.
It’s this sense of being,
of you and I,
that has kept me from me
and the truth that I
am only what remains of us,
waiting for something
that will never be,
nothing more than
what I never was.
And I pray
that someday I will forget.

Midian Unmade Amazon Listing

The Amazon page for Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed is up. The book is being published by Tor Books in hardcover next July, and will have my short story, ‘Rook,’ among its contents. Looks like pre-orders are available now.

What’s In A Bucket of Ice Water?

I’m going to break my usual form and post something that’s out of the norm for me. I can’t resist though, because this post is actually going to be something written by someone else, a friend of mine, and was shared by him on Facebook. A lot of people seem to be on one side or the other of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, either jumping on a viral trend, or lamenting about it in some way (waste of water, lack of clean water kills more people annually than ALS does, hating on trendy people, etc). I’m not going to say much more about it, because Joe said it far better than I think I could. There is eloquence in his words, and not just for the combinations of the letters, but in the sentiment he writes about, and I feel that this is something that should absolutely be shared. In the times we live in… Joe nails it. Whether or not you agree with the challenge itself, I hope you can recognize its impact on our lives recently.

Ice cold awesomeness.

Written by Joe Weible
August 25, 2014 at 1:07pm

I think people miss the true beauty of the Ice Water Challenge for ALS. Both the supporters and the detractors.

It isn’t about how much money it’s raised, or how it was raised or whether or not someone really donated, if it is a waste of water, or anything else. Really – those are all somewhat valid points (OK, the wasted water complaint is kinda odd). But the thing that makes this really amazing is –

People are doing it. Whether or not they donate, people are doing something that started up to support a Boston College baseball player named Pete Frates. One of the guys he played ball with did it, and donated to ALS in his friends name. He then challenged the rest of the team they played on. And some of them challenged co-workers, families, or other teams.

Then something CRAZY happened.

Folks started doing some incredibly silly, all in the name of some guy they never met. Men, women, children. Old and young. Professionals, students, individuals, groups. Rich and less than rich. Someone challenged a pro player. And then celebrities, politicians, NFL, NBA, MLB players. Former presidents. Someone challenged the Prime Minister of ENGLAND (who donated instead).

Someone did something AWESOME. And it spread. It raised awareness – and it spread. It raised a LOT of money (like 50+ MILLION) – and it spread. Person by person, friend challenging friend, video by video,

LOTS and LOTS of videos.

Watch some of those videos. You’ll see that a lot, if not most, have things in common – other than ice water.

Laughter. Joy. Compassion. Community.

In a time in our lives with ISIS, riots, Gaza, shootings, etc…

All these people, doing something, lifting some spirits, and yeah – helping out a charity.

Not bad for a bucket of ice water.

Crossing the Abyss

Dark paths I tread carelessly
beneath a shroud of falling skies,
a wanderer a world away
from where I have been
and where I am going.
There was light, once,
to guide me, to show the path
that led to the sea–
that vast expanse of the Abyss
where a man, such as I,
could be lost and forget
and forgotten be free,
cradled in the arms of Oblivion,
owing and owed to no one;
but the light, faltering,
betrayed its weakness,
for it is not eternal in its being,
and once upon the shores of Night,
all that can be seen is

Resignation & Resolve – A Moment’s Notice

We reach points in our life where we are forced to choose new paths. Choosing a new path very often means resignation of the old, and often of the life that went with it, for the sake of the new. Sometimes, we can hold on to aspects of the old path, the old life, if nothing else as reminders of where we have been, what we have done, and that we are otherwise the sum of the moments we have experienced up to and including the moment we presently exist in.

But that’s just it:

We exist only in the present moment. All of eternity exists here, now, in you, in me, and only in this moment, the one that you are experiencing now, the one that you are creating simply by observing it. The future exists only as we wish it to, and never as anything but some dream beyond reach.

The interesting thing… every moment we experience is the point where the past and the future meet, where what was and what isn’t become what is, and in every moment we are faced with taking a step forward into the unknown.

But to do so requires resignation-the willingness to let go of the old. It also requires resolve. The resolve to embrace the unknown, and to find out what’s out there.



And a moment passes.