Publishing News: The Book of K

The Book of K

The Book of K

My first novella, ‘The Book of K,’ is now available in the Amazon Kindle store as well as in print edition, also on Amazon (anyone who purchases a print edition can get the Kindle edition for free).

It is a supernatural horror/weird fiction story that will appeal to fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Indiana Jones, gothic horror, historic fiction, Steampunk, and more. It can be purchased here:

The Book of K by Rob Salem


It weighs heavy, this being,
who I am, but more so
who I am not;
this burden of life,
of living and loving
is taking its toll-
shoulders sag,
the head bows,
knees buckle,
the back breaks,
beneath a world
that could so easily forget,

…I stand.


It beckons:
a moment that’s only
a breath away,
the space between
life and death where
living really happens;
a chance,
a risk,
a rush,
and the hope forgetting
what brought me here,
the thrill of the storm
charging the blood,
until the fire burns out
and the sweetness of pain
replaces the bitterness of being.

Morning Rain

Morning is filtered
through a lens
of blue and grey,
the light scattered and broken
by a falling sky;
and the space between
waking and sleep,
where dreams linger
before they die,
envelops me in its embrace,
but it is not you–
it is not you.